About Us
IP Advantages provides you with innovative solutions and helps you reach your objectives:

IP Advantages is dedicated to providing a bridge and turnkey solution to companies across the globe in order to gain market -competitive positions and high returns on investments (ROI) by growing and commercializing their intellectual property (IP) assets globally.  We zealously engage in:
  1. Advising and assisting international clients in building global IP portfolios and growing intangible assets to gain competitive and dominant market positions;
  2. Assisting clients to expand into foreign markets, providing comprehensive services from A to Z; and
  3. Managing and commercializing IP portfolios using our proprietary methods in order to maximize the market value of an organization’s intellectual assets.

IP Advantages is THE SOLUTION for all IP related issues:
  1. Strategic IP mapping and R&D alliance;
  2. IP asset generation and management, and global IP portfolio procurement;
  3. IP protection and enforcement, assertion and licensing negotiation, and litigation management and evaluation; and
  4. Competitive intelligence monitoring, analysis, and market expansion.