Our Expertise

IP Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Development

From building a winning brand to developing cutting-edge, patented technology, IP Advantages provides comprehensive guidance to clients in growing their research projects from “garage” stage to maturity.  Whether a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, we assist you in establishing a new market niche or breaking into an existing market with competitive technologies and winning patent portfolios.

IP Advantages has one mission: to assist our clients in promoting innovation and gaining market recognition and reward for their scientific and technological breakthroughs in the U.S. and internationally.  With this mission in mind, IP Advantages helps companies to assess their IP assets, manage and grow their IP portfolios, identify opportunities and vulnerabilities, and develop an execution strategy that delivers maximum returns for their research investment.  We apply analytical methods based on the technical, legal, and financial expertise of our associates and consultants to assess the breadth, depth, and quality of our clients’ IP assets, in order to identify the areas of most economic growth in terms of IP focus and investment.

Facing the competitive nature of today’s market, no company is immune from being attacked by competitors’ patented technologies.  This is where IP Advantages can make a difference.  After conducting in-depth analysis, we help our clients to identify the areas of their business that are most vulnerable to assertion risks and the most likely asserters, and assess the future market focus of these potential threats.  As a result, we help our clients defend their freedom to operate through strategic and targeted patent acquisitions, licensing, joint development, and other cooperative programs.

Furthermore, we also assist private equity and venture capital firms contemplating investments in technology companies to perform due diligence analysis specifically relating to the IP assets of the target companies in order to mitigate the risks associated with the investment.  Specifically, IP Advantages assists with the valuation of the IP portfolio including calculating future revenues, profits, and cash flow prospects relating to the portfolio’s strength and growth.