Our Expertise

China Practice and Emerging Market Expansion

To promote and facilitate the unprecedented economic growth in China and other emerging markets such as India, we are actively developing a practice that is specifically designed for the high-tech boom in these emerging market economies.  Our objective is to help high-tech companies and venture firms who focus on these markets to navigate the complexities and risks of managing and commercializing IP assets in order to maximize their ROI.  Most global technology leaders operate in extremely complex and multifaceted systems with commercial and competitive dynamics that require an in-depth knowledge base and sophisticated business acumen.  IP portfolio management often requires taking nuanced approaches based on in-depth strategic analyses, which call for a combination of skills and discipline ranging from scientific, technical, legal, and finance to policy judgment.  This is where IP Advantages’ unique market knowledge and experience can help you.  Our proprietary IP portfolio management method not only serves to maximize the commercial values of innovations from the East and the West, but also helps to increase IP awareness and reduce infringement of IP rights in emerging markets.

We focus on advising the strategic acquisition of cutting-edge technologies and IP portfolios, managing and growing them organically to create asset values and commercializing them by way of strategically building companies to develop and manufacture products based on these technologies.  In addition, we also advise IP owners to assert, litigate and license their IP assets in order to maximize their market value.

Furthermore, we assist clients in establishing the core business terms of a transaction in addition to advising on intellectual property rights allocation, licensing terms, warranties, indemnities, damage disclaimers, limitations of liability, and the like. We also actively assist clients in creating new business models.  We regularly work with clients in industries as diverse as hardware, software, semiconductors, biotechnology, medical devices, telecommunications, financial services, Internet and E-commerce, entertainment, video games, and chemicals.

In addition, we serve as Chief IP counsel for young and growing high-tech enterprises that wish to manage efficiently their legal expenses.  In this capacity, we step into the shoes of the company and provide comprehensive services relating to all areas of IP practice, including trademark registration, patent procurement, and trade secret protection measurement,in order to strategically structure a strong IP portfolio that can fend off infringement allegations from competitors.  More importantly, we help emerging market companies commercialize technologies developed in-house or through collaboration.

Specialized skills are needed to negotiate transactions involving the development, purchase, sale, or licensing of technologies and technology-focused businesses.  Expertise in both intellectual property and commercial law is required, as well as business acumen, technical savvy, and knowledge of industry best practices.  Typical examples of counseling we provide are:
  • Development, manufacturing, and commercialization agreements
  • Intellectual property and technology acquisitions and divestments
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances
  • Patent and technology licenses, including in adversarial contexts
  • Sourcing arrangements, including off-shoring and BPO
  • Distribution, supply, and OEM agreements
  • Technology procurement
  • Software licensing
  • Internet law
  • Open source development and distribution
  • Reverse engineering projects
  • Intellectual property management and audits
  • Branding and marketing arrangements