Our Expertise

Patent Prosecution and Counseling

Compared to larger firms, IP Advantages provides an innovative and cost-efficient legal service mechanism.  Instead of imposing a stringent hourly fee, we stand in a client’s position and wear the business hats.  Thus, we work together with clients in achieving their objectives in a much more efficient manner.  First, we structure an action plan based on a client’s business objectives; second, we propose a creative compensation plan for our services; third, we act with high efficiency and business acumen to protect clients’ rights.  We have played many significant roles in the creation and protection of many patent portfolios in the areas of telecommunication, semiconductors, wireless technologies, information technologies, and life science industries.  In our past experiences, we have worked with such clients as Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Sony, Computer Associates, Nokia, and other Fortune 500 companies. 

Our patent prosecution and counseling service is unrivaled in its depth of experience, industry and technical expertise, and international scale.  We are particularly skilled in the strategic planning of patent portfolios in alliance with business and market penetration, including drafting broad and in-depth patent applications to capture complex technical intricacies and novel creations, in anticipation of any possible future challenge to the validity of the patents.

We work closely with companies from the earliest stage of their technical development, offering valuable advice on how to protect their inventions and ideas in view of business strategies.  We are called upon to advise clients on complex licensing, patent clearance, and adversarial matters, as well as to provide strategic business counseling regarding the development of products or technologies that may allegedly infringe patents held by competitors or require the negotiation of royalty payments.

When necessary, we assemble a network of experienced patent attorneys, patent litigators, and technical experts to address unique business or IP issues that may arise in the U.S., Europe, China, and the rest of the world.  Our services encompass a broad spectrum of technical fields, ranging from information and networking, software, Internet, telecommunications, semiconductors, electronic storage media, digital signal processing technologies, as well as pharmaceutical and bioscience technologies.  Along with the development of new green technologies, we are actively involved in the field of cleantech, nanotechnologies, and related alternative energy technology development.  Equipped with a network of experts in these emerging technical fields, our practice is tailored to provide cutting-edge patent prosecution and counseling advice.