Our Expertise

Cross-Border IP Commercialization and Monetization

IP Advantages helps high-tech companies identify opportunities to monetize their redundant or underutilized technologies and IP assets. We develop an execution strategy that aims to maximize the value of an IP portfolio through licensing or brokerage programs. Furthermore, we focus on bringing technologies across the globe to foreign companies who are interested in acquiring research projects and technologies, and we assist the acquiring entity to effectively commercialize these technologies. We believe the next generation of Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein will be created without any geographical borders.

Instead of burdening ourselves with high administrative overhead, we maintain a network of financial, marketing, technological, and legal experts who possess extensive in-depth experience and expertise in market analysis, technological development, industry standards, financial assessment and structure, and legal analysis and representation. A fact-based valuation of an IP portfolio, targeted price, and sales or acquisition strategy will be developed in each specific case.  We develop our own databases tailored to the technical field to serve buyers’ needs. Our experienced network of brokers and portfolio managers develop compelling, buyer-specific portfolio packages and conduct an efficient and professional sales process. We also represent buyers in acquiring key patents to solidify their portfolios and gain freedom to operate positions. In each situation, we negotiate the best possible outcome on behalf of our clients.

We are active in global markets and have brokered and negotiated deals ranging from over 500 patents to as few as a single patent. In addition to getting the high end of what the market will bear, we have also been able to negotiate deals that include free Grant Back licenses to sellers so they can remain in business and can often get a percentage of the licensing revenue.