Our Expertise

Patent and Technology Licensing

Having conducted numerous patent and technology licensing negotiations and patent litigations, we recognize that outcomes in licensing negotiations are often intertwined and affected by the anticipated outcomes in related litigation. Accordingly, we believe the most efficient use of skilled advocacy is to prevent, rather than conduct, litigation. Essentially, adversarial patent licensing negotiations are settlements of litigations that have not yet been brought, and the key factor in settlement calculus is to make and advocate reliable predictions about what would happen if litigation ensues. This rationale is embodied in our philosophy of developing an active, diverse, and inclusive practice in adversarial patent assertion, litigation, and licensing negotiation.

The types of negotiations we conduct cover a broad range—from comprehensive cross-licenses between multi-national electronics companies, settlements with individual inventors conducting licensing campaigns on an industry-wide basis, to acquisitions of highly specialized patented technologies. The issues involved in such negotiations have ranged from traditional validity and infringement evaluations, measurement of damages and reasonable royalties, to issues related to other areas—such as antitrust—that sometimes affect licensing terms and strategies.

IP Advantages helps clients wade through the complexity surrounding various patent-licensing issues. We bring together the core expertise in patent portfolio evaluations, market analysis, reverse engineering, proof package, and claim chart construction to develop a strategy that will result in the greatest value for our client’s patent assets. Additionally, we support our clients by actively assisting them in the execution of monetization strategies.